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Whirlpool WT9BTAS 900mm Auto-Clean Chimney hood | Made in Asia |

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Width: 896 mm

Height: 780 mm

Depth: 505 mm

Delivery & Pick-up

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- HK$35 per order, locally shipped by SF Express within Hong Kong.
- Possible to ship to lockers.
- Possible to pick-up at our showroom.

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可另加費用由 惠而普香港 提供安裝 / 清走舊機服務,詳情請與我們聯絡。

Additional costs 額外費用:
- T 來氣喉 T-extention of gas pipe $200
- 拆舊氣爐 (不包棄掉) Disconnect old gas hob (removal not included) $120
- 珀麗灣及禁區安裝服務費 Ma Wan / Special location installation $100
- 離島安裝交通費 Outlying Island travel cost $250

Remarks 備註︰
所有雪櫃及酒櫃 , 如選購左門鉸, 訂購後 3 個工作天才能送貨。
Changing hinge side of wine fridges/ fridges require 3 extra working days for delivery.

Product Details:


自動加熱鼓風機溶解油污,並收集到油杯中, 方便清潔


超強吸力 高達 1200 立方米/小時排風量,有效去除油煙 和異味,保持空氣清新

油煙機在烹調後9 分鐘自動延長運作 ,徹底去 除烹調後的殘留氣味

纖巧設計摩打,尺寸適合大多數廚櫃,節省廚 房空間


類型 掛牆式T型煙囪

機身顏色 白鋼(不銹鋼)

控制面板顏色 黑色玻璃

控制方式 輕觸式

機身物料 430 不銹鋼

濾網類型 不銹鋼擋板濾網 / 活性碳濾網 (供循環過濾模 式使用)

照明燈 LED燈 (1瓦x2)

產品重量 16 kg 公斤(不含活性碳濾網), 16.5 kg 公斤(含活性 碳濾網)

產品尺寸 W闊 896 mm毫米 x H高 400-780 mm毫米 x D深 505 mm毫米


操作模式 加熱自動清洗, 延緩關機 ( 9分鐘)

最高排風量(無限制) 1200立方米/小時

摩打數量 1

吸力/速度選擇 3

噪音水平 (排風狀態) 79.9dB分貝(A級)

主要功能 加熱自動清洗, 延緩關機 (9分鐘)


電源電壓 220-240 V伏, 50/600 Hz赫茲

安全熔絲接線座 13A

排風喉直徑 150mm毫米

電線長度 1800mm毫米

摩打箱尺寸 W闊 303 mm毫米 x H高 290 mm毫米 x D深 275 mm毫米

包裝尺寸 W闊 955 mm毫米 x H高 465 mm毫米 x D深 600 mm毫米

淨重(含包裝) 19.6 kg 公斤(不含活性碳濾網), 20.3 kg 公斤(含活 性碳濾網)

16 kg 公斤(不含活性碳濾網), 16.5 kg 公斤(含活性 碳濾網)


能源消耗 143.4 kWh千瓦小時/ annum年

歐洲能源效益 D級

總輸出功率 322W瓦

摩打輸出功率 320W瓦


Self-heating blower dissolves oil and grease and collects it in the grease cup for easy cleaning.

Seamless and hidden grease cup design to maintain the elegant appearance of the kitchen

Superior suction power Up to 1200 cubic metres/hour exhaust capacity, effectively removes grease, smoke and odour, keeping the air fresh and clean.

Automatic extension of the hood after 9 minutes of cooking to completely eliminate odour residue after cooking.

Slim design and compact size fits into most kitchen cabinets to save kitchen space.


Type Wall-mounted T-chimney

Body Colour Stainless Steel

Control Panel Colour Black Glass

Control Method Touch Type

Body Material 430 Stainless Steel

Filter Type Stainless steel baffle filter / activated carbon filter (for recirculation mode)

Lighting LED (1W x 2)

Product weight 16 kg kg (without activated carbon filter), 16.5 kg kg (with activated carbon filter)
Dimensions W width 896 mm mm x H height 400-780 mm x D depth 505 mm mm


Operation Mode Heating Auto Wash, Delayed Shutdown (9 mins)
Maximum airflow (unlimited) 1200 cubic metres/hour

Number of motions 1

Suction power/speed selection 3

Noise level (exhaust condition) 79.9dB (Class A)

Main Functions Heated Auto Clean, Delayed Shutdown (9 mins)

Technical specifications

Mains voltage 220-240 V, 50/600 Hz

Safety fuse holder 13A

Diameter of exhaust pipe 150 mm mm

Cable length 1800 mm mm

Dimensions of motorised case W303 mm W x H290 mm H x D275 mm D

Packing Dimensions: W width 955 mm x H height 465 mm x D depth 600 mm.

Net weight (with packaging)

19.6 kg kg (without activated carbon filter), 20.3 kg kg (with activated carbon filter)

16 kg kg (without activated carbon filter), 16.5 kg kg (with activated carbon filter)

Energy efficiency

Energy consumption 143.4 kWh kWh/ annum
European Energy Efficiency Class D

Total output power 322 Watt

Motor output 320W

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