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SIEMENS iQ700 EH8P5263HK 780mm Induction hob (13A Standard Socket)

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Width: 780 mm

Height: 65 mm

Depth: 450 mm

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Additional delivery cost 送貨額外收費:
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- All items except side-by-side refrigerator (per storey)
所有產品運送新/舊機如有樓梯(每層十六級,第㇐層過六級開始收費)(對門雪櫃除外) $40 (每層)
- Side-by-side refrigerator $100 (per storey)
對門雪櫃$100 (每層)

- Carry by Trolley (Except Side-by-Side Refrigerator) $50 (per 100 meters) *Waive for first 100 meters
推送路程 (對門雪櫃除外) $50 (每㇐百米) *首㇐百米免費
- Carry by Trolley for Side-by-Side Refrigerator $100 (per 100 meters)
推送路程 (對門雪櫃) $100 (每㇐百米)

Product Details:

Siemens 西門子 EH8P5263HK 產品介紹


能源效益標籤:2 級

尺寸:高 65 mm X 闊 780 mm X 深 450 mm

開孔尺寸:闊 700 mm X 深 400 mm

保養期:2 年

iQ700 系列


電磁爐配上黑色陶瓷玻璃面板為您締造一個簡約而不凡的 廚房。


電磁爐配備17段火力,火力2.8千瓦,另設 powerBoost功能可縮短加熱時間,適合各種中西式烹調 方法,佳餚瞬間為您呈上。


透過兒童安全鎖按鈕,您可以快速、輕鬆地防 止任何人在未經允許的情況下操作電磁爐。只 需輕輕一按,控制面板就會鎖上,再次按住按 紐數秒即可解鎖。

touchSlider 控制面板 隨心滑動控制

西門子獨有touchSlider 控制面板,透過智能 傳感器調節火力(1至9段,每半段遞進),只需輕輕觸碰或用手指輕輕滑動,便能控制煮食區的火力。




touchSlider 輕觸滑動操控可讓你直接在面板上按下或輕輕滑動你的手指選擇合適的火力





2 段餘溫顯示: H’ - 95°C, ‘h’ – 65°C


- 左爐頭(火力加強): 1.8千瓦(2.8千瓦)

- 右爐頭(火力加強): 1.8千瓦(2.8千瓦)

- 合共: 2.8千瓦 (13A插頭接駁)



供電: 13A插頭接駁

尺寸: 65 x 780 x 450 毫米 (高 x 寬 x 深)

櫃面開孔尺寸: 700 x 400 毫米(寬 x 深)



Siemens EH8P5263HK Information


Energy Label:Grade 2

Size:Height 65 mm X Width 780 mm X Depth 450 mm

Hole Size:Width 700 mm X Depth 400 mm

Maintenance Period:2 year

iQ700 Series

Designed with care and attention to detail

Induction cooktops with black ceramic glass tops create a simple, uncomplicated kitchen.

17 burners to choose from

Induction cooktops are equipped with 17 heat levels, 2.8 kW, and a powerBoost function to shorten the heating time, making them ideal for a wide range of Western and Chinese cooking styles, so you can serve your favorite dishes in no time.

Child safety lock to avoid danger

With the child safety lock button, you can quickly and easily prevent anyone from operating the induction cooktop without permission. The control panel locks at the touch of a button and is unlocked by pressing and holding the button again for a few seconds.

touchSlider control panel Slide control at your fingertips.

Siemens' exclusive touchSlider control panel, with intelligent sensor control of the heat (1 to 9 levels in half steps), allows you to control the heat level of the cooking zone with just a touch or a slide of your finger.


Black ceramic glass

17 levels of precise heat control and heat boosting function

The touchSlider control allows you to select the right heat level by pressing or sliding your finger directly on the panel.

All cooking zones are equipped with heat boost function.

Timer and auto shut-off function

Cookware detection

Child safety lock

2-segment residual temperature display: H' - 95°C, 'h' - 65°C

Cooking zone heat: left burner (left burner)

- Left burner (boost): 1.8 kW (2.8 kW)

- Right burner (boost): 1.8 kW (2.8 kW)

- Total: 2.8 kW (13A plug connection)



Power supply: 13A plug connection

Dimensions: 65 x 780 x 450 mm (H x W x D)

Cabinet opening size: 700 x 400 mm (W x D)

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