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【HARIO】橄欖木 耐熱玻璃咖啡分享壼 Olive Wood Coffee Server VCWN-40-OV | Made in Japan |

【HARIO】橄欖木 耐熱玻璃咖啡分享壼 Olive Wood Coffee Server VCWN-40-OV | Made in Japan |

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Product Details:



原産國 玻璃及金屬部件日本生產,木製壺蓋壺把中國生產,日本組裝質量管理。
容量 咖啡1~3杯。實用容量400ml。
特點 可在微波爐內加熱(但不可烘烤)。
材質 壺體材質:耐熱玻璃,耐熱溫度差:120℃。固定帶:不銹鋼(固定螺絲銅製)。壺把壺蓋:橄欖木(固定螺絲不銹鋼製)。
尺寸 壺底直徑約118mm  高約108mm(含蓋)  壺口直徑87mm
重量 約310g(含包裝約381g)



  • 本品屬精密器皿易碎,注意輕拿輕放。
  • 不可直接在火上加熱。不可在微波爐內加熱。
  • 裝有熱水或熱咖啡時,請勿突然放在涼水中,請勿用涼濕布擦拭。
  • 清洗時請使用中性洗滌劑清洗。
  • 更多說明請瀏覽商品附帶的說明書。


Elegance meets practicality in this refined, Hario Coffee Server featuring its olive wood handle. The simple, shapely form of the glass server is tastefully complemented by the contrasting grain of the olive wood.

The wooden handle has been shaped and angled for a professional pour. The accentuated angle also ensures that you don't scald your fingers on the glass. This attractive server is fully compatible with Hario’s best-selling, V60 drippers. The server’s lid can even be used as a neat stand for a V60 filter cone.

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