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BOSCH KFN96APEAG Side-by-side fridge 593公升 Series 6 不銹鋼面防指紋 無霜法式多門雪櫃 | 大冰箱 | 廚房電器 | 家電 |

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Width: 908 mm

Height: 1787 mm

Depth: 762 mm

Delivery & Pick-up

Small items & accessories (<5kg)
- HK$35 per order, locally shipped by SF Express within Hong Kong.
- Possible to ship to lockers.
- Possible to pick-up at our showroom.

Small appliances shipped by supplier
Cost may vary on different brands/suppliers. We try our best to implement all conditions in our system and update the cost when you are checking out, but in some cases might not be possible. Please accept some minor adjustments might occur after order confirmation.

Built-in appliances / Large Furniture
Free of charge for basic delivery. Extra delivery cost may apply to outlaying island, Discovery Bay, or any less accessible area. Labour cost for delivering over staircases has to be quoted separately.

Removal of Existing Appliances
Extra cost might apply on some brands/suppliers. Contact us for more info.

*You may visit the brand official website for detailed and accurate information - Bosch

Additional delivery cost 送貨額外收費:
Stair fee for delivery of new or disposal items (Sixteen steps counted asone storey, charging starts incurred after six steps)
- All items except side-by-side refrigerator (per storey)
所有產品運送新/舊機如有樓梯(每層十六級,第㇐層過六級開始收費)(對門雪櫃除外) $40 (每層)
- Side-by-side refrigerator $100 (per storey)
對門雪櫃$100 (每層)

- Carry by Trolley (Except Side-by-Side Refrigerator) $50 (per 100 meters) *Waive for first 100 meters
推送路程 (對門雪櫃除外) $50 (每㇐百米) *首㇐百米免費
- Carry by Trolley for Side-by-Side Refrigerator $100 (per 100 meters)
推送路程 (對門雪櫃) $100 (每㇐百米)

Product Details:



總淨容量 (L) : 593

冷凍能力 (kg/24h) : 18

操作音量: 38 dB(A) re 1 pW

Home Connect: Yes

Home Connect 功能: en: iService Remote, 遙距監察及控制

連接方式: Wi-Fi無線網絡



壓縮機數目: 1

嵌入式 / 獨立式: 獨立式

控制方式: Electronic

獨立製冷系統: 1

門板安裝: 固定式安裝

開門方式: 左右門對開式

門板選擇: 不適用

冷凍室關門提示: No

安裝方式: N/A



深度: 731 毫米

高度: 1,830 毫米

寬度: 905 毫米

淨重: 118.1 公斤



冷藏室層架數目: 4

冷藏室儲存格數目: 2

蛋架數目: 3

冷藏室除霜功能: Automatic

冷藏室可調整高度層架數目: 3

冷藏室層架數目: 4

冷藏室溫度顯示: 數字式LED顯示



冷凍室除霜功能: Automatic

冷凍室抽屜儲存格數目: 6

冷凍室揭門儲存格數目: 0

自動製冰器: No

冷凍室獨立溫度調校: Yes

除霜排水系統: Yes



樽架: No

控制設定及信號裝置的類型: super冷凍功能設定, super冷藏功能設定, 冷凍室異常警告設定, 冷凍室溫度設定, 冷藏室溫度設定, 異常警告設定, 關門提示設定

雪櫃門鎖: No

super冷藏功能: Yes

super冷凍功能: Yes

加濕裝置: -

冷凍等級: 4星

異常警告: 燈號及響聲

關門提示: visual, 響聲



電源線長度: 240 cm

最大電流: 10 A

頻率: 50-60 赫兹

插頭類型: 英式插頭

電壓: 220-240 伏特



Product Specifications



Total Volume : 593 l

Freezing capacity 24h : 18 kg

Noise Level : 38 dB

Home Connect: Yes

Home Connect Features: iService Remote, Remote Monitoring and Control

Connectivity type: Wi-Fi



Number of compressors: 1

Built-in / Free-standing: Free-standing

Type of control: Electronic

Number of independent cooling systems: 1

Cover door installation system: Fixed-mounted

Door hinge: left and right

Door panel options: Not possible

Door opened indicator freezer: No

Installation typology: N/A


Size and weight

Depth of the product: 731 mm

Height of the product: 1,830 mm

Width of the product: 905 mm

Net weight: 118.1 kg



No. of shelves in fridge: 4

No. cont. in refrig. comp.: 2

No. of egg racks: 3

Defrost process fridge section: Automatic

Number of Adjustable Shelves in fridge compartment: 3

Number of shelves in fridge compartment: 4

Temperature display fridge: digital 7 segment



Defrost process freezer section: Automatic

Freezing drawers (Stck): 6

Number of freezing flaps (Stck): 0

Automatic motor-driven ice-maker: No

Temperature adjustable freezer: Yes

Thaw water drainage system: Yes



Shelves for Bottles: No

Type of control setting and signalling devices: Super setting for freezer, Super setting fridge, Temperature display fridge, Temperature for freezer, Warning function freezer sect., Warning signal door open, Warning signal for malfunction

Lockable door: No

Fast cooling switch: Yes

Fast freezing switch: Yes

Humidifying equipment: -

Star Rating: 4

Warning signal / malfunction: visual and audible

Warning signal door open: acoustic, visual



Length electrical supply cord: 240 cm

Fuse protection: 10 A

Frequency: 50-60 Hz

Plug type: GB plug

Voltage: 220-240 V

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