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BLANCO FWD Lite in-sink erator 德國Blanco 廚餘處理器 (456438)

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Product Details:

FWD LITE 產品特點:

1. 入門款,用於處理少量的餐廚垃圾,小家庭的首選

2. 完美適配所有BLANCO 鉑浪高水槽

3. 高品質和強大的交流感應電機

4. 易於安裝的3螺栓安裝系統

5. 研磨部件採用不銹鋼製造

6. 2級研磨,實現較精細的研磨效果

7. 研磨腔體積達900毫升


固定方式: 3 bolt installation

最大功耗(瓦): 370 W

每分鐘轉數: 1470 r/min

洗碗機連接: 是

電壓: 230 V

電機類型: 交流電

電源插頭類型: I

研磨組件材料: stainless steel

研磨腔容量: 900 ml

自動關機: 是

自動反轉功能: 是

過載保護: 是

進料類型: 連續

頻率: 50 Hz

額定電流: 10 A


產品重量:7.4 Kg

90 厘米電源線,不可拆卸


- 睇位費$200(如離島/愉景灣/東涌另加$300)
- 基本安裝費$900
- 台面開孔(安裝開關按鈕) $350
- 如有舊機,拆機費$200,清理垃圾徵費$200。

FWD Lite

  • Food Waste Disposer designed for small households
  • 2 grinding stages for fine grinding results
  • Grinding components made of high-quality stainless steel
  • High quality and powerful AC induction motor
  • 900ml volume of grinding chamber
  • Easy to install thanks to 3 bolt installation system
  • Optimal interface management for BLANCO sinks and bowls

Extra Charges:
- Site inspection for possibilities of install $200(Extra cost of $300 for outlying islands, Discovery Bay and Tung Chung)
- Standard Installation Cost $900
- Countertop drilling hole for on/off switch install + $350
- If your old erator exists, +$200 to disconnect the old machine, and +$200 for government garbage disposal surcharge.

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