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Whirlpool WS8865NEP 650mm Induction hob | Made in Italy |

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Width: 650 mm

Height: 54 mm

Depth: 510 mm

Delivery & Pick-up

Small items & accessories (<5kg)
- HK$35 per order, locally shipped by SF Express within Hong Kong.
- Possible to ship to lockers.
- Possible to pick-up at our showroom.

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可另加費用由 惠而普香港 提供安裝 / 清走舊機服務,詳情請與我們聯絡。

Additional costs 額外費用:
- T 來氣喉 T-extention of gas pipe $200
- 拆舊氣爐 (不包棄掉) Disconnect old gas hob (removal not included) $120
- 珀麗灣及禁區安裝服務費 Ma Wan / Special location installation $100
- 離島安裝交通費 Outlying Island travel cost $250

Remarks 備註︰
所有雪櫃及酒櫃 , 如選購左門鉸, 訂購後 3 個工作天才能送貨。
Changing hinge side of wine fridges/ fridges require 3 extra working days for delivery.

Product Details:



類型 65厘米內置式電磁爐

爐頭數目 4

顏色 / 玻璃面板:黑色Schott 陶瓷玻璃

控制方式: 滑動輕觸式



產品尺寸 :闊 650mm毫米 x 高 54mm毫米 x 深 510mm毫

特色 & 優點

具有 4 種預設功能,只需選擇烹飪方式,便 會自動設置火力。

磁應技術直接加熱廚具,減少熱能量流失, 實現快捷、節能的烹飪體驗。

可將兩個煮食區合二為一,擴大煮食空間, 提升烹飪靈活性。

可隨意預設各煮食區火力,煮食時只需移動 鍋具,便能輕鬆更改火力。

火力提升裝置加強火力,顯著減少沸騰時 間。

只需纖薄枱面就能安裝主機,同時無縫接合 廚櫃表面,保持廚房美觀。 配備兒童鎖功能,防止幼兒和兒童意外使用 爐灶。


主要功能:四種「第6感」智能技術 自動功能: 保溫 / 融化 / 慢燉 / 煮沸, Intuitive Slider, 四個感應烹飪區


FlexSide側併合式爐圈,Chef Control廚師專 業烹調,操作指示燈,餘溫顯示燈,計時器, 容器偵測,兒童鎖,火力管理,響鬧提示開關 掣,無縫安裝結構,簡易安裝

總火力: 7200瓦 (18段+火力提升裝置)

右前 - 爐頭火力輸出(*啟 動提升裝置後火力)/面積 (闊x深) :1,750瓦(*2,000瓦)/190毫米 x 200毫米

右後 - 爐頭火力輸出(*啟 動提升裝置後火力)/面積 (闊x深):1,750瓦(*2,000瓦)/190毫米 x 200毫米

左前 - 爐頭火力輸出(*啟 動提升裝置後火力)/面積 (闊x深) :1,750瓦(*2,000瓦)/190毫米 x 200毫米

左後 - 爐頭火力輸出(*啟 動提升裝置後火力)/面積 (闊x深):1,750瓦(*2,000瓦)/190毫米 x 200毫米


能量輸入: 電力


安全熔絲接綫座: 32A

電源綫長度: 120cm厘米

產品尺寸: 闊: 650mm x高 54mm x 深510mm

包裝尺寸: 闊: 850mm x 高120mm x深600mm

開孔尺寸 (闊x深/毫米): 560 x 490

總重量: 11.1kg




Type 65cm built-in induction hob

Number of burners 4

Colour / Glass panel: Black Schott ceramic glass

Control Type: Sliding Touch

Control panel position: front

Product Net Weight: 10.1kg

Product dimensions: W 650mmmm x H 54mmmm x D 510mmmm

Features & Benefits

With 4 pre-set functions, the heat is automatically set by simply selecting the cooking method.

Magnetic technology heats the cookware directly, reducing heat energy loss for a fast and energy-efficient cooking experience.

Two cooking zones can be combined for greater cooking space and cooking flexibility.

The heat of each cooking zone can be preset at will, so that the heat can be easily changed by simply moving the cooker around during cooking.

The fire boost enhances the heat and significantly reduces the boiling time.

Only a slim table surface is needed to install the main unit, while seamlessly joining the surfaces of the kitchen cabinets to maintain the aesthetics of the kitchen. The child lock function prevents accidental use of the hob by toddlers and children.


Key features: four "6th sense" intelligent technologies Automatic functions: Keep warm / Melt / Slow simmer / Boil, Intuitive Slider, four sensor cooking zones

Product features.

FlexSide, Chef Control, operating light, residual temperature indicator, timer, vessel detection, child lock, heat management, alarm switch, seamless construction, easy installation

Total fire power: 7200 W (18 zones + boost)

Front right - hob fire output (*with booster activated)/area (WxD): 1,750W (*2,000W)/190mm x 200mm

Right rear - Burner output (*Power after lifting) / Area (WxD): 1,750W (*2,000W) / 190mm x 200mm

Front left - Burner power output (*Power after lifting) / Area (WxD): 1,750W (*2,000W) / 190mm x 200mm

Left rear - Burner power output (*Power after lifting) / Area (WxD): 1,750W (*2,000W) / 190mm x 200mm

Technical Specifications

Energy input: Electricity

Power supply voltage: 220-240V, 50/600Hz Hertz

Safety fuse holder: 32A

Power cord length: 120cm cm

Product dimensions: W: 650mm x H 54mm x D 510mm

Package size: W: 850mm x H 120mm x D 600mm

Hole Size (W x D/mm):560 x 490

Total weight: 11.1kg

Net weight: 10.1kg

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